A look inside the oldest home in Camp Point

There is a house in Camp Point known as the “big brick house.”

It holds a great deal of significance for this Illinois village.

LeeAnn Farlow and her husband Steve live in the oldest home in Camp Point.

“It’s the oldest house in town and Peter B. Garrett built it,” LeeAnn Farlow said.

It was originally owned by a historical figure named Peter B. Garrett who erected the mill in town.

“The house was built in, we think 1835. He was one of the founders actually, Steve Farlow said. They came into town and it use to be a camping point. That’s why it became Camp Point.”

Besides a few modern modifications, the couple has preserved much of their three-story home’s original aesthetic.

“The original house was in an L-shape and the only thing that is added on, was a kitchen and dining room,” Steve Farlow said.

“I guess it was 2005, LeeAnn Farlow said. We had a bad storm and pulled all the shingles off our roof and we had to put new shingles on.”

Eventually, Steve’s grandfather became the owner of the home.

He wanted one of his grandchildren to inherit the house.

“The game plan always, was that one of the boys would actually take the house from my grandfather, Steve Farlow said.

LeeAnn and Steve got engaged after just one month of dating in 1980.

“We have been married almost 34 years this year, LeeAnn Farlow said. And we’ve lived in this home and raised our three children in this home.”

Now, all three kids have moved out of the nest.

Since their home has historical importance, the Farlows tried to get it recognized as a historical piece of property, however, their effort was unsuccessful.

“I looked into having it added to the historical registry. But they have certain guidelines and since this added addition was put on in 1951, I believe, it would not fit their criteria, LeeAnn Farlow said.

With so many great memories inside of their home, the Farlows can’t wait to pass it along to one of their kids.

“Just a lot of great things, LeeAnn Farlow said. A lot of warmth in this house.”

The Farlow’s house is older than Camp Point, which was chartered in 1855 according to the village’s Website.

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by Derek Franke: Wednesday, July 9th 2014


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