UML activity diagram


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Context Diagram/ Level 0 Diagram

Derek's Context DiagramDerek Franke 0 Diagram


This diagram contains nine processes to explain the function the information system will perform; however, this excludes the “front desk” person. Last week’s lecture indicates basic employees—like the “front desk” person—should be excluded from diagrams. The narrative only includes the process the patient goes through to check in at the front desk; however, this excludes how the information is collected—that’s why the process “ Receive and Process Info” needed to be included. The diagram also didn’t include any details about the database the doctor looks through to verify medication or treatment options—that’s why the data store “Patient Treatment Database” has been added to the diagram. This diagram also lumps the medical technician’s examination and the doctor’s evaluation into the “Examine Patient ” process to signify the patient saw both. The data flow goes between the technician and the doctor to help remove an additional process to explain the patient received evaluation from both.